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A dozen great international bakeries in upstate New York

       In this gallery, you’ll find over a dozen excellent international bakeries scattered throughout upstate New York.
        None of us can get on a plane and visit these countries on a whim, but we can check out the old GPS towns and visit these upstate New York bakeries. It is always interesting to try food from afar, from different customs, from different cultures. Especially fun when these treats are desserts!
        So check out this list of pies, pastries, cookies, brownies and other desserts that represent distant lands like Hong Kong, Latin America, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Bahamas, Sweden and more. You will definitely find your favorite place here.
        As for the author, yes, I have a favorite. Sample signature brownies at this German eatery in rural Delaware County. This cake is called “baumkuchen”, also known as “tree cake”. Why? Because the rings of thick buttercream frosting on the cake go around in circles like tree growth rings. I think when you see “tree cake” in a Bavarian restaurant in Little Sydney, New York, you also say yes, that’s what I want! “
        Obviously, there are dozens of international restaurants throughout the Northern Territory, and we cannot list them all. So if you have a favorite that we missed, feel free to share it on our Facebook page.

Post time: Mar-24-2023