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What do you know about the correct eating method of black tartary buckwheat ?

How to eat tartary buckwheat

Aidian tartary buckwheat tea / black tartary buckwheat tea, whether it is condensed incense jar, strong incense jar or original incense jar, is the same as ordinary tea. It is brewed with boiled water and can be made repeatedly until the taste is light. Tea particles are taken with a spoon and eaten ; tartary buckwheat whole wheat and germ tea can also be poured into washed rice to cook together. The cooked rice is yellow-green in color, buckwheat + rice aroma, and has great appetite.


2 ) Tartary buckwheat rice can be cooked with rice ( 1 : 3 ).

( 3 ) Tartary buckwheat flour, can be used alone or mixed with wheat flour.

( 4 ) Low birth hall tartary buckwheat noodles, the same as the traditional noodles cooking method.

( 5 ) Low Shengtang black tartary buckwheat nutritional powder ( tartary buckwheat powder ), take a portion, slowly add an appropriate amount of warm boiled water, stir well to eat, add salt, sugar, milk powder, fresh milk and other flavors better ( diabetic patients do not add sucrose ), a small amount of small aggregates and color green when brewing is caused by dietary fiber and chlorophyll, please feel free to eat.

( 6 ) Low-shengtang black buckwheat flakes, low-shengtang black buckwheat flakes, can use hot water to adjust the boil-free method-take a portion of this product, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stir well, and eat after 3 minutes ; microwave oven cooking method-put one portion of this product into a microwave oven vessel, add an appropriate amount of water, milk or soy milk, mix well, and put it into a microwave oven to cook for 1.5 minutes. ( Tips : If you have gastrointestinal discomfort or bowel problems, you can 15-30 minutes before the meal, warm water to take Changyitong high fiber powder 1-2, dietary fiber helps maintain normal intestinal function )

Tartary Buckwheat Tea (1)

2. After drinking Tartary buckwheat tea, why can you chew the tea grain?

Love Tartary buckwheat tea is made of pure grain, does not contain any pigment flavor and other chemical additives, we take its soaking liquid after drinking for many times, the effective substance is still not completely leach, eat the tea granules, the maximum extent to ensure that the black Tartary buckwheat tea nutritional composition is not lost.


3. Why is Tartary buckwheat helpful for constipation?

In Tartary buckwheat, Tartary buckwheat starch for amylopectin, the content of dietary fiber reached 1.6%, is 8 times as much as ordinary rice noodles, with the whole bowel bowel, remove toxins in the body good effect, is the human digestive system scavador. Nearly 1/3 Tartary buckwheat protein is for cleaning protein, can remove toxins and foreign bodies in the body, long-term consumption can achieve the purpose of fat reduction, weight loss, detoxification and beauty.


4. Does Tartary buckwheat tea affect sleep?

Tartary buckwheat tea is a multi-grain drink, itself does not contain theophylline, caffeine and other refreshing substances, will not affect sleep, is one of the best drinks before going to bed.


5. Why can Tartary buckwheat delay aging to some extent?

Vitamin E in Tartary buckwheat contains a high content of R-tocopherol, which is effective in preventing aging and promoting cell regeneration, so it has the effect of delaying aging.


6. Can pregnant women drink Tartary buckwheat tea or eat Low Sheng Tang black Tartary buckwheat/black buckwheat cereal?

Yes, because love dot Tartary buckwheat tea is a food crop, so you can rest assured to drink, especially pregnant women with pregnancy hypertension should often eat love dot/low Sheng tang Tartary buckwheat products.


7. Can children drink Tartary buckwheat tea?

Can, because Tartary buckwheat oleic acid and linoleic acid content is very high, and linoleic acid in the human body can not be synthesized, is the human body’s most important fatty acid, has the effect of promoting growth and development of children.


8. Can Tartary buckwheat tea make you look good?

Human body can not synthesize linoleic acid in Tartary buckwheat content is extremely high, linoleic acid can not only prevent coronary heart disease, but also contain dihydroxy-cisocinnamic acid, can inhibit the skin to produce melanin, and has the role of preventing freckles and age spots.

Buckwheat Kernel

9. Can Tartary buckwheat detoxify and fight cancer?

Tartary buckwheat contains organic Se. Selenium is recognized as the “king of anti-cancer” in the scientific community. The level of blood selenium is closely related to the occurrence of cancer. Selenium has a strong antioxidant effect, which can slow the aging of keratin and prevent aging. It can remove toxins from the body, prevent blood clots, remove cholesterol and enhance human immunity.


10. Why is Tartary buckwheat tea/Tartary buckwheat cereal beneficial to obese people and diabetic people?


Tartary buckwheat is rich in dietary fiber, its essence is carbohydrate which can not be broken down by human digestive enzymes. Dietary fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, conducive to stool discharge, can prevent constipation, rectal cancer, hemorrhoids and varicose veins of lower limbs;



Can regulate the blood cholesterol content, prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases;

·AiDian (7)


Easy to produce satiety after eating, for obese patients to eat beneficial, can be used as weight loss food;



It can improve sugar tolerance and regulate the blood sugar level of diabetic patients, and can be used as food for diabetic patients.

Post time: Mar-31-2023